The Legend

Mc Douglas can trace its history back into the heart of Scotland, in the same land where the bravest warriors battled to defend their ideals, in the distant past…

The Mc Douglas beers are named after a river in the province of Linnius, Scotland. This historic area was the headquarters of many epic battles and was even said to be the haunt of King Arthur during the 5th century AD.

These wild lands are traversed by the river Dubglas, or Douglas in Old English, a name that means “black water”. This is where the fiercest battles took place between the Saxons, Scots and Picts, and of these clashes was born the United Kingdom, as we know it today.

Legends, history facts – everything blurs, but one certainty remains: Mc Douglas, a noble beer with a strong character, takes its name from these nation-shaping events. This legendary brew pays tribute to the brave and valiant warriors who gave everything, including their lives, to serve as an ideal of greatness and a modern vision of nationhood.

From these adventures, the Mc Douglas clan was born, a powerful Scottish family that has flourished down the centuries, still inspired by the values inherited from their ancestors.

Today, Mc Douglas beer bears the emblem of ‘chivalry’, the famous feudal institution that brought together fighters on horseback and in which solidarity, elegance and bravery reigned. And joyful bands of men who today storm the bars will not disagree that there is still the courage and good humor of those men who, upon their victorious return, hastened to taste the joys of the warrior’s rest.

Let us raise our glasses to their honour!

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